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Instagram series: US Midterm Elections for Foreign Audiences

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VOA Noticias: IG Stories Highlights

Focusing on process and outcomes, more than the real-time updates, VOA Noticias created an Instagram series to report on the US midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

We mapped a day-long sequence of Instagram Stories to be captured from iconic political buildings in the capital. In these publications, our reporters explained the mechanics of the political process, what was a stake, voting rights and how these elections could shape US politics in the next years.

Watch the video above with highlights on this or navigate through our IG Highlight

Reporting from Virginia to El Paso, our reporters talked to votes from both parties, presented their interest and motivations, documented and illustrated the elections process and respond to questions about it.

  1. How do you vote in the US?
  2. Elections day in Texas
  3. Voters arrive to at polling stations in Virginia
  4. Salvadoran woman votes

We also produced a few vertical video posts, addressing questions we received from our followers.